Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Bottle Holder - Part I

I got a message from an old friend mid-week to make a water bottle holder for her daughter.  My first thought was, wow, there are still people who'd use such unique stuff these days.  My sister was next to me and both of us agreed that it reminded us of our young days when my mum made us water bottle holders.  Anyhow, my friend gave me a lot of flexibilities, basically requesting only for purple color.  I was so excited that I immediately get on with it and came up with this which I like a lot myself and now can't bear to part with it.  I named this Faith, the owner's name. :)

For the flowers, I would usually have made them separately and sew them on. But for those on this water bottle holder, I created chains on the body of the holder and crocheted the flowers onto the chains. Something I thought of lately and did it for the first time on this.

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