Monday, August 29, 2011

Leg Warmer for Toddler - Mavia

Made this pair of leg warmer for my girl.  Though Singapore is a tropical country, we have lots of airconditioned places which can make her legs cold.  The thing about multicolor blended yarns is we never know what it really looks like until we make something with them.  The multicolor blend in the middle turned out really nice on this pair of warmer. Named this Mavia.

Dressmaking - Project 1

This was my first project at dressmaking class.  Its a low-waist tight skirt.  I wore a lot of these sort of skirts when I was working previously.  I would say I didn't do a good job. :P  Anyhow, its my first and hope I'd improve as I go along. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Multicolor Scarf – Sophia

I originally made this scarf (second picture) for a friend who left to work overseas recently, and named it Sophia.  My idea was to make one more for dressing purposes, rather than to keep warmth.  I subsequently made a second one (first picture) for sale in my Etsy shop.  

I looped this up using some simple crochet stitches and added the fringes.  I'd been asked if I'd sell this pattern, and decided that I'll share this for free here.  If you do make this pattern, I'd love to see your finished item, kindly take a moment to email pictures to me at "".

This is a crochet pattern for this nicely crocheted soft scarf in multicolors and with fringes on both ends.  The approximate measurement is 74 inch (187cm) in length and 5 inch (12cm) in width.  Since this is a simple design, I'm not going to complicate it with a guage/tension, just use this measurement as your guage/tension.  If you are not able to get to a 5 inch width, add stitches in multiples of 4 to get there.  This pattern is written in American English.  Happy crocheting!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This pattern is for PERSONAL USE only.  You may NOT recopy, rewrite, resell or redistribute this pattern in any form as your own or otherwise.  Both my patterns and images are copyright protected.  As I am sharing this pattern for free, kindly do not sell the finished product made from this pattern.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY:   Beginner      

SIRDAR Crofter – Fair Isle effect Chunky (50g; Approx. 78m)
2 balls
Size of hook – 6.00mm (US 10)

Ch – Chain(s)
Sc – Single crochet
Sl st – Slip stitch
Dc – Double crochet
St(s) – Stitch(es)


Ch 22.
Row 1: Ch 1, 1 Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, *1 Ch, Skip 1 Ch, 1 Sc in each of next 2 Ch*, repeat * to * 5 times, 1 Ch, Skip 1 Ch, 1 Sc in last Ch.  You should have 21 Sts.  Turn.
Row 2-3: Ch 1, 1 Sc in each of the 21 Sts (including one in each Ch created in Row 1).  You should have 21 Sc.  Turn.
Row 4: Ch 3 (count as 1 Dc), 3 Ch, Skip 3 Sc, 1 Dc in 5th Sc, *3 Ch, Skip 3 Sc, 1 Dc in next Sc*, repeat 3 times.  You should have reached the end of the row with 21 Sts.  Turn.
Row 5: Ch 3 (count as 1 Dc), *2 Ch, 1 Sc in the first Ch-3 space, 2 Ch, 1 Dc in next Dc*, repeat * to * 4 times, ending the last St at the 3rd Ch of the start of Row 4.  You should have reached the end of the row.  Turn.
Row 6: Ch 3 (count as 1 Dc), *3 Ch, 1 Dc in the next Dc*, repeat * to * 4 times.
The Rest of the body of the scarf:  Repeat Row 5 follow by Row 6 and go on until you reached your desired length (remember to consider the fringes) ending with a repeat of Row 6.
3rd Row from last:  Ch 1, *1 Sc in the first Dc, 3 Sc in Ch-3 space*, repeat * to * 3 times, 1 Sc in the next Dc, 4 Sc in the last Ch-3 space.  You should have 21 Sc.  Turn.
2nd Row from last:  Ch 1, 1 Sc in each of the 21 Sc.  You should have 21 Sc.  Turn.
Last Row: Ch 1, 1 Sc in first Sc, *1 Ch, Skip 1 Sc, 1 Sc in each of the next 2 Sc*, repeat * to * 5 times, 1 Ch, 1 Sc in the last Sc.  End.


You will note that you have 7 small holes on each ends of the scarf, created with the Ch.

Cut 56 (7 holes X 2 ends of scarf X 4 strand in each hole) strands of yarn just over twice the desired finished length of the scarf.  Each strand of yarn would result in two strands through each hole.  You may want to have more or less strands, cut as desired.

For each hole, fold 4 strands of yarn into half (this will result in you having 8 strands of yarn through each hole when finished), insert the crochet hook through one hole and loop the fold of the strands over the hook.  Pull the folded strands through the hole leaving a loop.  Pick up the free ends of the strands with the hook and pull them through the loop you have created.  Tighten by pull the free ends of the strands.

Last but not least, hide all the loose ends into the Sts.  Enjoy!

Once again, if you do make this pattern, I'd love to see your finished item, kindly take a moment to email pictures to me at "".

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Water Bottle Holder - Part II

This is Faith, the owner of the custom order of the water bottle holder!  Look at her satisfying face!  I just love these people who embrace my products!  Her mum who was my old schoolmate picked up the item from me today.  We haven't met for years and she still look amazingly good!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Bottle Holder - Part I

I got a message from an old friend mid-week to make a water bottle holder for her daughter.  My first thought was, wow, there are still people who'd use such unique stuff these days.  My sister was next to me and both of us agreed that it reminded us of our young days when my mum made us water bottle holders.  Anyhow, my friend gave me a lot of flexibilities, basically requesting only for purple color.  I was so excited that I immediately get on with it and came up with this which I like a lot myself and now can't bear to part with it.  I named this Faith, the owner's name. :)

For the flowers, I would usually have made them separately and sew them on. But for those on this water bottle holder, I created chains on the body of the holder and crocheted the flowers onto the chains. Something I thought of lately and did it for the first time on this.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I signed up for a dressmaking course and started attending lessons sometime in May 2011.  My intention was to be able to make some nice little and special dresses for my girl.  As I go along, I got more ambitious and hope to be able to quilt one day.  I'd be posting updates on my progress on this course and hope anyone following this could give me some advice & comments as I go along!  Many thanks in advance!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My First Sock Monkey

I came across a free pattern (​/pattern.php?PID=4940&cps=​21191%2F) and made this (my very first) Sock Monkey.  This was done jutin time for my Girl's 2nd Birthday! Try it if you are a crocheter, not to difficult but need to be very consistent to get its limbs in same sizes.  I changed the ears though, so you are not going to get the same round ears I made here using the pattern.  

I don't usually use any patterns when I crochet, but this was really cute & my very first crocheted animal.  I'm probably going to try creating another animal on my own.  Good day!

My First Crochet Pattern

At last I am ready to publish my first crochet pattern.  After many rounds of editing to make sure I get everything as right as possible.  Indeed an experience.  I started my knit & crochet shop, never expecting others to want the patterns of my creations.  Frankly, I still prefer to make the items rather than writing the patterns!  Anyhow, I just love to knit & crochet! :).  Visit my Etsy shop ( to get the pattern or a ready-made backpack.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At Last..

At last, I have an account in Blogger..  But.. still to figure out how to set it up... :)  I'm loving this!